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I'm Shirley Plant, nutritionist & cookbook author

My passion is helping you figure out which foods fuel your body and which ones deplete it.

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Shirley Plant


Veggie Plate

I have learned a great deal from Shirley Plant. She is a wealth of information about nutrition as well as other forms of self care. I used to find that cooking was just an activity that required making a mess that then had to be cleaned up. The eating part was short and not all that rewarding. With Shirley’s guidance and her love for heathy food, I have come to enjoy cooking. I now see it as a form of self care and love for family and friends. Shirley taught me about the nutritional value of different foods and about organizing a functional kitchen for yummy and less messy cooking❣️

– V. Puga

I became very sick in 2009. It was very difficult to find a diagnosis for my autoimmune condition. Shirley provided much support and guidance during that time. Once we knew that my illness was undifferentiated connective tissue disease, Shirley helped me to find other diagnostic tests related to gut health, which is connected to most inflammatory illnesses. The information this test provided was crucial in creating a protocol of foods, supplements, and life choices that allowed me to regain energy and health.

– V. Puga

Shirley has a holistic approach to health and nutrition and her guidance is priceless She introduced me to the work of Louise Hay, and other integrative functional medicine doctors, spiritual leaders, mindfulness experts which together with Shirley’s guidance offered me resources for wellbeing and personal growth. Shirley is caring and lovingly committed to her work.

– T. Marsh

With the help of your recipes, we found that instead of limiting Tom's diet, he actually has more choices of foods he loves and much much healthier foods. Thanks to your recipes, Tom actually gets more treats than he has ever had in the past.

– Jennifer Palsson

Shirley helped me for over 2 years. Her dedication in seeing me through my difficult times was amazing. She had so much patience with me and with Shirley‘s help I was able to plan my meals, try different foods and ideas. Shirley understands and cares for her clients needs and her holistic knowledge and approach to better health is outstanding. Any questions I had Shirley was always able to answer, and we tried many new ideas that could help me better understand my needs and achieve my goals. Was great to have Shirley as my nutritionist.

– Cecilia Silva
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