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Why your body does not need another supplement or vitamin, try this first!

You lack vitamin D, take that supplement. You lack vitamin B, take that pill. You lack energy so you take a multi vitamin. You have GERD so you are prescribed a drug.

Enough already… It’s Time to Change the STORY we’re constantly told becaue it’s not true!

“You’re always missing something in your body.” 

 Yet, here’s a truth often overshadowed, (especially by those profiting from the sale of supplements & drugs we might not need)

We are spending way too much time in artificial light and it is affecting our health in major ways. Our modern lifestyly has disrupted the natural rhythms of our bodies.

The most common complaints at doctors offices are lack of energy, poor sleep, anxiety, and digestive issues.

So what if I told you there was a way to easily fix all of these issues without taking another supplement or drug?

Unlocking Natural Health: How Light and Darkness Balance Our Biological Rhythms

In the complex world of modern medicine, there’s a story that we are all being told. It’s a story that suggests we’re always missing something in our bodies. You are led to believe that you lack something that your body needs.

So now you have to take something to compensate for the lack.

But here’s a truth that’s often left unsaid.

Our bodies have a natural wisdom, a built-in ability to heal, fix, and balance themselves. This ability just needs us to remove the obstacles that are in its way.

Most obstacles today come from a man-made environment which differs significantly from nature. These artificial settings can confuse our body’s inherent intelligence, disrupting its natural rhythm and function.

What’s one big thing that’s messing with our bodies without us even realizing it? The artificial light from bulbs and screens around us, along with EMF radiation from screens and WiFi.

The best way to fix this?

Get back in touch with the most powerful healing modality –  Mother Nature.

Everything in nature, from the smallest atom to the flowers in the fields to the stars above, is made up of dual forces that are equal and opposite.

These forces need to be in balance.

When this balance is right, everything works great. But if one side gets too heavy, the seesaw tips and things go awry.

The dual forces of light and darkness govern the game of life and control the switches and the programming of our genetic expression.

These forces tell our bodies when it’s time to be awake and active or when it’s time to rest, digest, and detoxify. But artificial lights from screens during the day and at night throw off this balance.

They sabotage the smooth, joyous rhythmic motion of our biological seesaw. The body becomes confused about the time of the day. Our bodies get mixed up about what time it is, muddling our internal clocks that depend on these natural cues.

When our man-made light environment doesn’t match nature’s light, it creates chaos inside our cells. The effects can be countless; like gaining weight, feeling sad, anxious, or tired and even having digestive issues and poor sleep.

In 2017, the science of how our body clocks work won a nobel prize. Nowadays, we know that many health problems come from our body clocks not working right. Your circadian clock is the mechanism that controls timing and the light and darkness forces of nature govern it.

When this cycle gets messed up, it’s like messing up the ground where our health grows.

When you live in an environment that is alienated from nature’s balance, the corrupted forces of physics (Light) will contaminate the soil of your biochemistry and well-being.

No matter how many supplements you take, if this balance is off, your body will not even use them properly.

So, before reaching for a multi vitamin, drug or supplement, think about aligning yourself with the natural rhythm of light and dark.

How to reset your circadian rhythm.

Are you getting enough sunlight during the day? Are you getting UVA and UVB on your naked skin with no sun screen during a safe time so you can make all the different types of vitamin d that your body needs? Yes, there is more than one type of vitamin d, that is why supplementation is not always best.  Brief exposure to ultraviolet rays not only bumps up vitamin D levels, but could also lead to a more varied collection of gut bacteria, which helps with digestion.

My first suggestion is to download the Circadian App on your phone. It will tell you when to get outside to see the sun rise. When the sun rises, it has all the colours our body needs to function properly.

The Circadian App will also tell you when UVA is present. UVA helps to lower inflammation in the body. Yes, sunlight heals the body, it’s just that everyone has gotten so scared about cancer and lathers themselves up with chemical sunscreen which is actually doing you more harm that good. How many farmers had cancer 150 years ago? Next to none and they spent all day in the fields exposed to the natural light. This is because their circadian rhythm was not disrupted. They woke with the sun, worked outside all day and went to bed when the sun set. They were not exposed to blue lights from flickering screens or LED or fluorescent lights. They ate real food, not processed food like boxed macaroni and cheese or genetically modified foods or crops sprayed with glyphosate. Glyphosate or Roundup is used on a wide variety of crops, including wheat, soybeans, barley, oats, lentils, peas, canola, corn, flax, alfalfa, rye, triticale, sugar beets, cotton, buckwheat, potatoes and millet. We are consuming this on a daily basis and it causes havoc in our gut bacteria as well as causing chronic illness. 

Ask yourself this question? Is the first light of day you see natural light or the artificial lights in your kitchen or your cell phone?

Do you stare at a computer screen all day, or work under fluorescent lights only to then watch TV at night or be on your phone or ipad before bed? This all disrupts your circadian rhythm and will lead to health issues, eventually. You may be saying I feel fine, but if you suffer from headaches, tummy issues, fatigue, weight gain, poor sleep, poor memory you may just want to reset your circadian rhythm. It’s easy and free.

Are you blocking artificial lights after sunset? Yes, your lamps and TV screens all emit blue lights which cause havoc with your body.

You can re set your circadian rhythm by getting outside first thing in the morning. It’s simple, just get up and go outside before you do anything. Look up at the sky with naked eyes for at least 10 minutes even when it is cloudy, raining, sunny or snowing. Even 5- 10 minutes in the morning will help. You don’t need to be perfect but you do need to be consitent in doing this.  If you are driving your kids to school open your window or sunroof so your eyes can see natural light. Then if you can take a break during your day and get outside for a 10-20 minutes and let your eyes see natural light. Do not wear sun glasses, eye glasses or contacts. If you work from home, take your laptop outside and work outside, or if you are making a phone call do it outside. Remember keep your cell phone away from your body and do not use airpods as they break down the brain blood barrier and research is showing us that this is increasing cancer risks, see article here.

Buy a pair of good quality blue blockers if you are on screens during the day. Then wear darker blue blockers before bed especially if you are watching TV or are on screens at night.  Following this routine, turning off Wifi at night or for us not having WiFi in our home, switching back to a landline instead of a portable or cell phone, using a wired mouse and keyboard has allowed me to get off sleeping pills after 30+ years.

So before you reach for another supplement or vitamin, give this a try!

I have tested many types of blue blocking glasses and many do not block out the blue light from screens. There are 3 companies that I recommend.

RaOptics, BonCharge and VivaRays. All are excellent and provide regular or prescription blue blockers. You can visit my website and check my favourite products to get coupon codes for these companies.

Check out VivaRays 15% discount and start to wear blue blockers when you are on a screen and before bed. Get outside first thing in the morning and look at the sky and I promise you will see a huge difference in your overall health!

Click this link to check out Vivarays 3 in 1 blue blocking glasses and improve your health and circadian rhythm now. 
Use shirleyplant15 at checkout to save 


You can also check out BonCharge blue blockers by clicking here, use coupon code SP15 to save at checkout. BonCharge also sells red bulbs that you can swap out for regular light bulbs and red night lights which will not disturb your circadian rhythm if you get up in the middle of the night.

Check out RaOptics Blue Blockers here and use coupon code plantwellness at checkout to save.


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  • CTV News
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Appearances By Shirley

  • CTV News
  • Rogers TV
  • The Eat Real Food Health Summit
  • Menopause Wellness Summit
  • The Parenting TeleSummit

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