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Billions of dollars world wide. That’s what women spend on skin care products

and effective cosmetics like Botox.

But to what end? Do the miracle products merchandisers pitch online, in magazines and on television really deliver on the promise of a healthier, younger more attractive you?

In some cases – no. In fact some products are actually doing more harm than good when it comes to our skin and overall health.

Did you know that your skin is your largest organ? Most adults carry some 8 pounds and 22 square feet of it. It’s no wonder that what you put on your skin is equally as important as what you put into your body.

Research tells us that the average woman applies nearly 515 dangerous chemicals daily to her body through skin care products.

From deodorant to lotions, hair spray and makeup, we do ourselves a lot of damage in the name of beauty.

The chemicals that are found in most women’s skin care products can result in some serious health issues. Skin sensitivity, allergic reactions even hormonal imbalances can all lead back to what we put on our skin.

Many of the ingredients found in skin care products are also found in cleaning products. Are these the kind of ingredients you want on your skin or your child’s skin?

Here are a few common ingredients that have been linked to allergic reactions and health problems.

So What’s Your Skin Eating?

  • Sodium Lauryl Sulfate– is used in cosmetics and skin products. It acts as a detergent in household cleaning products. It may contain measurable amounts of  ethylene oxide a known carcinogen and may harm the nervous system.
  • Mineral Oil– is a by product of gasoline distillation from crude oil and is used in lotions, creams and baby products.
  • Phthalates– are found in personal care products, plastics, hair sprays, and lubricants. Phthalates have been linked to breast cancer, early puberty in girls, and shown to harm the liver, heart and kidneys in animal studies.
  • Synthetic Fragrance– can irritate the body and cause migraines or asthma.
  • Triclosan– is registered by the Environmental Protection Agency as a pesticide and is in soaps, deodorants, lotions, cosmetics and toothpaste.
  • Propylene Glycol– is used in antifreeze and in beauty products to keep them from freezing or melting. It can be found in lotions, after shaves, mouthwash and toothpaste.
  • Isopropyl Alcohol– gives products a quick-drying finish, but is highly drying and erosive to skin.
  • FD and C Colour Pigments– are synthetic colours derived from coal tar which contain heavy metal salts that may cause irritation or sensitivity to the skin. Once absorbed into the skin they can deplete the body of oxygen which can lead to health issues.
  • DEA (diethanolamine), MEA (monoethanolamine), TEA (triethanolamine)– these foaming boosters are hormone disrupting chemicals and can cause skin irritation and even cancer.

I’m always on the lookout for healthy, natural skin products. Due to chemical and environmental sensitivities I have to be careful what I put on my skin. Fragrances and chemicals from products can result in a migraine or itchy skin for me, so to say I’m leery of trying new skin care products is an understatement.

A few years ago I was introduced to Skin Essence Organics, a line of  certified organic skin care.

Natural Skin Care Products

Skin Essence products are certified organic by Ecocert, the industry leader in skin care and cosmetics. Their line of products are derived from only nature’s extracts, essential oils and minerals. Made in small batches each and every product is designed to nourish, heal and hydrate the skin.  They also consider the environment and use only sustainable resources for manufacturing, packaging, and shipping.

Skin Essence products are packaged in tinted glass, which is recyclable, eco friendly, and protects the product from UV rays.

Twenty years ago creating products with essential oils and natural ingredients was a bold endeavor, but today it’s demanded by those who realize that what they put on their skin is just as important as what they put in their mouth.

Here are some of the natural ingredients Skin Essence uses in their skin care line:

  • Apricot Kernel Oil– rich in vitamin A and is perfect for all skin types
  • Borage Seed– helps to stimulate healing in the skin, promoting a youthful and vibrant complexion
  • Calendula– naturally contains healing and anti-inflammatory properties allowing it to calm and sooth skin
  • Castor Oil– offers long lasting moisture that helps treat dry skin
  • Coconut Oil– has the ability to seal in moisture and prevent damage from free radicals
  • Comfrey– encourages healthy and fast regrowth of damaged skin cells
  • Evening Primrose– is rich in gamma linoleic acid and omega fatty acids allowing it to rejuvenate and moisturize skin
  • Kaolin Clay– is perfect for sensitive skin drawing impurities from the skin, without removing natural oil
  • Marshmallow Root– contains high levels of vitamins and minerals that softens and calms skin
  • Zinc Oxide– a natural mineral that is healing and soothing with properties that help to shield against UVA and UVB rays.

This winter I’ve noticed some eczema on my third and fourth fingers. I was thrilled to see that Skin Essence offered a skin treatment E-Cream that addresses eczema, rosacea and itchy skin.

I started using the E-Cream and within 4 days my eczema and dry skin were gone.

I’m also using their facial cleanser and moisturizer at night. I’ve noticed that my skin looks clearer and is softer to the touch.

My favourite product so far is their Chocolate Mandarin Hand & Body Balm.  The fragrance is devine. My husband loves to apply it to my hands and feet. He says it’s like sitting beside a healthy box of orange chocolates!

Replenishing our skin with natural ingredients as we age is imperative for healthy skin.

I’m so glad that I found Skin Essence Organic Skin Care Products!  They’ve graciously offered a super discount so that you can experience their amazing products for yourself.

Save 20% off Skin Essence Products- Use promotional code Shirley to save 20% off the entire Skin Essence line

Plus, you’ll receive free shipping in Canada and the U.S. on orders of $50.00 or more.

Click here to access and order now.






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  • CTV News
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Appearances By Shirley

  • CTV News
  • Rogers TV
  • The Eat Real Food Health Summit
  • Menopause Wellness Summit
  • The Parenting TeleSummit

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