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There is a new supplement on the block and I am recommending Modified Citrus Pectin (PectaSol) to everyone I know.


In today’s world chronic illness is on the rise. Everyone knows someone with cancer, diabetes, IBS, Autism, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, long haul COVID, and auto immune conditions.

Factors like stress, environmental toxins, the Standard American Diet (SAD), aggressive pathogens are a perfect storm for inflammatory impacts that wreak havoc on your your body and health. Over time this inflammation leads to chronic illness.

A few months ago I was tuning into an online health summit and was listening to Dr. Isaac Eliaz, MD who was sharing the most up to date research on his new product PectaSol, Modified Citrus Pectin. His research shows that a specific form of Modified Citrus Pectin can halt and reverse these damaging impacts, actively promoting optimal long term health and healthy aging. I wanted to know more! He also was talking about mast cell activation, Lyme disease and cancer and how PectaSol was helping people with all these conditions.

PectaSol (Modified Citrus Pectin) is able to get to the cellular level

The Modified Part of Modified Citrus Pectin Matters 

We’ve all heard of pectin, the dietary fiber in many fruits – especially in citrus pith (the white part between the peel and the fruit). Regular pectin is well-known for its digestive benefits, including:

  •  bowel regularity
  •  healthy cholesterol
  •  blood sugar balance
  • optimal weight

Unfortunately unmodified pectin can’t benefit your cellular health—or deliver the total-body benefit of clinically researched MCP. That’s because the molecules of regular, unmodified pectin are much too large to enter the bloodstream and work for cellular health.

However, an innovative modification processes made it possible to reduce the size of regular pectin molecules into much smaller, low-weight pectin molecules. These modified pectin molecules have a precise structure which allows them to enter the circulation from the GI tract, and deliver powerful health benefits.

Once MCP was developed, it opened up a world of remarkable health benefits. New independent research continues to add to the list of conditions where MCP can make a real difference—from cancer and cardiovascular disease, to metabolic conditions, cognitive and neurological health, and much more.


5 Ways Modified Citrus Pectin Can Save Your Life

By transforming regular pectin fiber into highly bioactive modified citrus pectin, scientists produced a super-nutrient that can tackle disease at the cellular level. Research shows MCP does this in five key ways:


1.  Binding and deactivating an out-of-control opens in a new window alarm protein called galectin-3, which causes widespread inflammation and fibrosis (uncontrolled scar tissue build up), and severe organ damage


2.  Safely detoxifying heavy metals like mercury and lead from the body to prevent or halt their damaging effects


3.  Preventing cancer cell growth and tumor formation, and helping to stop cancer spread


4.  Providing prebiotic nourishment to support a healthy, balanced gut microbiome, one of the keys to optimal long-term wellness


5.  Balancing immune system function by activating critical immune cells and increasing their fighting strength, while reigning in immune-overreactions

These and other benefits of by MCP work to optimize cellular performance, and protect you against germs, toxins, stress and other threats to cellular health and long-term wellness.

This is why MCP is such a fundamental cornerstone in the fight against inflammatory, degenerative conditions.


Studies Show Modified Citrus Pectin’s High-Impact Benefits


3000+ published studies show that today’s most life-threatening and inflammatory conditions are driven by one common culprit: Master alarm protein galectin-3. This culprit protein is activated by stress, injury, illness, infection, and even normal aging, and orchestrates the body’s inflammatory response. In today’s age, however, a barrage of stressors can keep galectin-3 in overdrive, resulting in runaway inflammation, uncontrolled fibrosis, and disrupted cellular functions.


Extensive research shows that blocking galectin-3 effectively halts and reverses its pathogenic processes and helps restore healthy cellular and tissue function. And from this body of research, one galectin-3 blocker has proven to be highly effective.

Modified citrus pectin is the most researched—and only available—galectin-3 inhibitor today. With a unique binding affinity for galectin-3, MCP attaches to this culprit protein and blocks its harmful actions. By neutralizing galectin-3, MCP effectively turns off the pro-inflammatory, pro-fibrosis and pro-cancer signals sent out by this alarm protein gone rogue—and helps increase your body’s healing abilities.


A growing number of studies show how MCP blocks galectin-3 to help overcome even the most dangerous conditions, including: 


·   Cancer: MCP inhibits cancer growth and metastasis, and makes cancer cells more sensitive to chemotherapy, radiation and integrative treatments


·   Cardiovascular disease: MCP reduces and reverses inflammation and hardening of blood vessels and heart muscle tissue, and supports normal cardiac structure and function


·   Kidney disease: MCP prevents fibrotic damage to the kidneys and reduces the inflammation that contributes to severe kidney damage


·   Liver disease: MCP protects the liver and reduces fibrosis, while supporting detoxification


·   Cognitive decline: MCP protects the blood-brain barrier, reduces neuroinflammation in the brain, and prevents brain cell injury

The original form of Modified Citrus Pectin continues to demonstrate impressive results in both the clinical setting as well as a growing body of published research—thanks to its unique ability to halt the actions of galectin-3.

But MCP’s benefits don’t end there.

The Importance of Detox Today

Every day, your body gets bombarded by toxins that surround us:

·   pesticides and agricultural chemicals
·   toxic metals like lead and mercury
·   plastics
·   household chemicals
·   air pollution
·   chemically-treated water

Heavy metals, for example, are very common and are shown to contribute to numerous chronic and degenerative diseases.[19][20][21] Combine these with any number of other toxins, and your will begin to see the effects on your health and vitality.

Clinical studies show MCP delivers gentle yet highly effective detox support to bind and eliminate heavy metals and other toxins, without removing essential minerals the way other chelation agents do. According to study results, MCP can reduce body burden of toxic metals by an average of 74%.

These benefits can be life-changing… even life-saving, depending on your overall health.


How to Use Modified Citrus Pectin for Better Health

Adding MCP to your daily routine makes the perfect first step on the path to abundant health and vitality. It offers three of the most important tools for avoiding or dealing with disease:

1.   Powerful natural galectin-3 blocker
2.  Safe, gentle yet highly effective detox
3.  Immune support and balancing

I’ve been taking PectaSol for the past 3 months and have seen some real improvement where nothing else has helped.  It’s also very safe and gentle on your body.

If you’d like to learn more about PectaSol click here and if you wish to try some use coupon code PLANT10 to save at check out



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  • CTV News
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Appearances By Shirley

  • CTV News
  • Rogers TV
  • The Eat Real Food Health Summit
  • Menopause Wellness Summit
  • The Parenting TeleSummit

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